The Best in Mosquito Elimination

Mosquito Squad of Greater Saint Louis is off and running!

I am writing with some exciting news. After much thought and research, I am bringing Mosquito Squad to St. Louis! Mosquito Squad is the industry leader in providing a mosquito-free outdoor environment for your family and pets through a highly effective barrier spray program.

Mosquitoes in St. Louis are quite a menace. Being a landscape designer, I see people spend lots of money on their landscaping, but then they can’t enjoy it because of annoying mosquitoes. All summer long we spray insect repellants on our children and ourselves. These sprays are stinky and messy! Not only do mosquitoes ruin a good time, but they also carry dangerous diseases, like West Nile Virus that is now affecting people right here in St. Louis. Pesky mosquitoes also transmit heartworms, which can be lethal to dogs.

For so long we have had to put up with mosquitoes, but Mosquito Squad is about to change that. This is how Mosquito Squad works:

*During the mosquito season (May-October), a trained and licensed professional treats your yard by hand every 21 days.

*The EPA approved solution is applied to shrubs, trees and groundcover.

*The treatment is 100% guaranteed and once applied begins to work immediately.

*It kills mosquitoes when and where they eat. It’s as simple as that!

If you hate mosquitoes, you’ll love us. Imagine swimming, playing, gardening and grilling mosquito-free! 2010 is the year to take back your yard. Look for us at Booth 341 at The St. Louis Builders Home & Garden Show February 25-28.


43 Responses to 'Mosquito Squad of Greater Saint Louis is off and running!'

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  1. carson said,

    Can’t wait for the season to start.

    • Jay said,

      It even works in the hot sticky climate of piedmont North Carolina. We use it at our lakehouse and in town, and several friends have used it each season for several years. No bites.

  2. Beth said,

    what a great service that is much needed in our area!!!

  3. I think y’all are on to something. Every time we’re in St. Louis, we get eaten alive! Good luck!!

  4. Mary Dehnert said,

    WOW! I can’t wait to learn more about your new business. Better get it up and running smoothly before the last week in June! Best of luck. 🙂

  5. Abby said,

    Sounds very promising! I am looking forward to learning more. Thanks for bringing Mosquito Squad to St. Louis = )

  6. i love this web site it is sweet i am going to tell my friends

  7. i can not wait until u can spray

  8. hi mom i checked out the wed site i love sending comments

  9. Russell said,

    As a user of mosquito squad, I cannot say enough about the service. It works like a charm and enables us to use our porch even in the worst mosquito months. You gotta try it! You’ll be thrilled!

  10. McKay said,

    Can’t wait to try it out this summer and enjoy some mosquito-free BBQ’s in St. Louis!

  11. Nancy said,

    It’s about time. Our Mosquito magnet just gave out last summer and never really worked any way. We’ll try it and tell our neighbors as well. Thanks.

  12. Donny said,

    I can’t wait to throw the OFF in the trash!

  13. hi i love the web site when do u start spraying

  14. sounds like a good co. i want u to spray my yard some time hope u get going a lot of yards to spray

  15. hi mom love the mascot

    • Mimi said,

      jane i know its you typing your funny!!!

  16. cant wait for the season to start

  17. i want u to spray my yard some time

    • Tee said,

      Great idea! Now we can comfortably enjoy our yards in St. Louis during the summer.

  18. Sarah said,

    Can’t wait! What is the earliest we can get “serviced”?????

  19. bad ass binkie said,

    If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito. (Quote by – Betty Reese)
    ~ Mosquitoes Quote

  20. bad ass binkie said,

    The only good mosquito is a dead mosquito!!

  21. Tee said,

    I hope that there is NO LIMIT on the number of mosquitos you can kill in my yard.

  22. annie said,

    Can’t wait for you to come spray our house- we need it!

  23. said,

    Best idea for STL. Hope there’s lots of spraying and dead mosquitos before May 22!

  24. emily said,

    Looking forward to it!!!!

  25. PiPi said,

    Here’s to a bug free summer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. julie said,

    I am the one that always seems to be eaten alive, so I am very thankful your service is coming this way! Sign me up!!

  27. Laurie said,

    What a great concept! Sign us up!

  28. Ashley said,

    We can’t wait for you to spray away the sqeeters.

  29. Joe Hossenlopp said,

    adios mosquitos!

  30. Stephanie said,

    Ready to kill those skeeters this summer!

  31. Mimi said,

    good luck with tina bug!!!! (hehe)

  32. Patti said,

    Thank goodness you have come to St. Louis – we need it! Come on over and get rid of them all.

  33. Jen said,

    What a cool idea! There is nothing worse than pesky mosquitoes on a lovely summer night!

  34. McKay, Ellie, and Ned said,

    Can’t wait to have some smores while camping in the yard and not get eaten alive!

  35. Christina said,

    Can’t wait!

  36. Kathleen said,

    Good-bye West Nile virus! Good-bye Encephalitis! Good-bye to you, Lyme Disease, and you, too . . . Malaria!
    HELLO MOSQUITO SQUAD! Can’t wait to see you this Spring.

  37. Brian J McHugh said,

    I plan to sunbathe in the nude this summer, front and backyard, knowing that Mosquito Squad of Greater STL will be dousing those little critters

    • Please be sure to let me know when said sunbathing will be taking place. Don’t want you to scare off the poor Mosquito Squad fellow when he comes to spray!

  38. Caroline said,

    We totally need our yard sprayed! tinabug,u rock!!!!!

  39. Carrie said,

    How exciting for you and all of us who will benefit from Mosquito Squad….it’s a win win!!

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