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Mosquito Squad isn’t the only thing off and running!

Since St. Louis was experiencing a heat wave this morning (it was 32 degrees), I decided what a perfect day to begin my training for the St. Louis Half Marathon, which is April 11th. I ran it last year in a rainstorm. Since it was my first “half,” I was very pleased with my results, but this year I’m trying to finish a bit faster. As I was running in complete darkness at 6:30 a.m. today, I had an ipod malfunction. Houston, we have a problem. With 3 miles left to run, I wrapped my ear buds around the ipod and put it away in my pocket. I was really feeling sorry for myself. To my complete surprise, I actually had a very pleasant run. I watched the sun rise and on the heels of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, I thought about how lucky I am to have a wonderful family, a great group of friends and the excitement of starting a new business. The more I thought, I realized that training for the half marathon is a perfect metaphor for opening a new business like Mosquito Squad. There will be lots of hard work and “bumps in the road” (ha ha), but in the end I think I will be very pleased. Good luck to everyone out there beginning a new endeavor. By the way, the ipod is fixed!


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  1. Margot said,

    I’m ready to sign up! We bought the expensive Frontgate mosquito zapper which “worked” for only one year – we are desperate now!

  2. Hey there from Greenville SC!
    Let me know if you need any suggestions from Scott or I (Louise) to help you with “Bumps” starting your new business. We have been there after two seasons. Also, I have run my 1st marathon in December and we can chat about that too!


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