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Catching Up With Mosquito Squad!

For those of you who anxiously await my blogs, I apologize for the recent lag. Mosquito Squad of Greater Saint Louis has been so busy fighting mosquitoes and winning that we have hardly had time for anything else. So here I sit at 10:45 at night, all kids are tucked in bed, storms are rolling in, and I’m ready to write.

Lots of things have been going on. I never followed up on my previous blog about training for the St. Louis 1/2 Marathon. I completed it and beat last year’s time by one minute. Dr. Oz just last week reiterated the fact that mosquitoes are one of the most dangerous animals on earth carrying diseases like West Nile Virus and St. Louis Encephalitis (ironically named for an awful outbreak in St. Louis in 1933). We donated fifty mosquito nets to Malaria No More. They will protect at least 100 people from disease carrying mosquitoes for five years! Someone wrecked into the Skeeter Beater (our truck) scraping up the great artwork, denting a rim and ruining the bumper. That was a very sad day. My daughter and her classmates raised over $600 for the World Bird Sanctuary. One mom even developed a Save the Birds website! I successfully convinced the editors at Ladue News that Mosquito Squad should be featured as a perfect Father’s Day gift in its “Great Gifts for Dads” story. Look for us in its June 11th edition. Finally, come see us at the Clayton Farmer’s Market on Saturdays (8:30-12:00) in June. After stopping by our booth to say hi, you’ve got to head over to Blues Hog Barbeque Company and buy the best bbq in town. Bill Arnold pulls up the night before and camps out while he slow-cooks ribs, pork shoulder and brisket. You’ve got to get there early because he sells out fast!

I’m going to close with the best testimony for Mosquito Squad. Just tonight at 8:15 my girls headed outside to catch lightning bugs. Not one mosquito bite on any of them!

As always, Mosquito Squad of Greater Saint Louis‘ mission is to help make your outdoor experiences wonderful! There is nothing sweeter than catching lightning bugs mosquito-free!


2 Responses to 'Catching Up With Mosquito Squad!'

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  1. Beth Lochmoeller said,

    Just wanted you to know we were at an outdoor party last Friday night and even after all of the rain not a single bug bite among us!!! Great job Mosquito Squad!

  2. janegwalker said,

    Sounds like you are truly keeping busy! Thanks for helping the people of Greater St. Louis Fight the Bite!

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