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Staycation St. Louis Style

It’s August.  Work has slowed down, the kids are tiring of their lazy summer routine, and all you want to do is go on vacation.  But the reason you didn’t plan one already is because vacations are SO expensive.  What is the solution?  A staycation of course!

Staycations are exciting because you make your own rules.  The only defining factor is that you sleep at home, therefore saving all of the money that would normally be spent on travel and lodging.  Beyond that simple restriction the time is yours!  Below are some ideas for creating a special staycation in St. Louis.

1. Set rules for use of electronics, seeing friends, doing errands, answering the phone, responding to emails, and anything else that signifies routine life.

2. Try out new restaurants.  Limit the amount of cooking you do so that you can maximize your leisure time

3. Enjoy lots of private time in your backyard lounging and playing around.  It is very convenient if you have a pool, but if not just set up some sprinklers and a Slip ‘n Slide!

4. Spend a day at the City Museum and/or the Saint Louis Science Center.

5. Play around at Elephant Rocks and Johnson’s Shut-Ins.  They are very close to one another, so you can do both on the same day!

6. Take advantage of Forest Park-all of it. Swim in the fountains below the World’s Fair Pavilion, walk around in the art and history museums, rent paddle boats, eat at the Boat House, experience the Jewel Box, enjoy the zoo, and top off the day with a show at the Muny.

7. Go on a float trip!  The other weekend we had a fabulous time floating down the Meramec from Old Cove Canoe.  Other nearby float trips include Cherokee LandingTwin Rivers, and Forest 44.

8. Visit Six Flags or Raging Rivers if you desire further amusement.


BUG BYTE: There are 176 species of mosquitoes in the United States.  Be sure to protect your family from the dangerous diseases mosquitoes can carry by using a  barrier spray on your property or with the proper use of DEET.



Mosquito Squad of Greater Saint Louis is off and running!

I am writing with some exciting news. After much thought and research, I am bringing Mosquito Squad to St. Louis! Mosquito Squad is the industry leader in providing a mosquito-free outdoor environment for your family and pets through a highly effective barrier spray program.

Mosquitoes in St. Louis are quite a menace. Being a landscape designer, I see people spend lots of money on their landscaping, but then they can’t enjoy it because of annoying mosquitoes. All summer long we spray insect repellants on our children and ourselves. These sprays are stinky and messy! Not only do mosquitoes ruin a good time, but they also carry dangerous diseases, like West Nile Virus that is now affecting people right here in St. Louis. Pesky mosquitoes also transmit heartworms, which can be lethal to dogs.

For so long we have had to put up with mosquitoes, but Mosquito Squad is about to change that. This is how Mosquito Squad works:

*During the mosquito season (May-October), a trained and licensed professional treats your yard by hand every 21 days.

*The EPA approved solution is applied to shrubs, trees and groundcover.

*The treatment is 100% guaranteed and once applied begins to work immediately.

*It kills mosquitoes when and where they eat. It’s as simple as that!

If you hate mosquitoes, you’ll love us. Imagine swimming, playing, gardening and grilling mosquito-free! 2010 is the year to take back your yard. Look for us at Booth 341 at The St. Louis Builders Home & Garden Show February 25-28.